Technical Job Hunt

A technical job hunt is not an easy thing to do.

There is so much going against you; that is, competition, downsizing, recession, bad economic condition and outsourcing. So as a computer technician what do you do? You have to treat your technical job hunt like an actual full time job. Its really competitive out there and the guy that gets the job is the one who is not taking time off.

Technical Job Hunt

In a technical job hunt, you need to look for work outside of the traditional technical fields and you will find work as a technical.

What I  am saying is that you do not have to work for a software or internet service provider company. Think about it. Technology is everywhere, and every company has a great deal of technical needs. I happened to work for an ISP for a few years but could have easily worked for a hospital or a bank. All businesses need a database and website, so there are opportunities out there. 

I want you to get out of the box in your technical job hunt.

Everybody else is on technical job search engines, I want you to look at companies that are right in front of you, and they all need good techs. I have used Dice, Monster, and Hotjobs with success. I have actually had most of my success doing broad category job searches on Monster and Hotjobs, which I highly recommend. I have gotten jobs from Hotjobs and Monster. Your technical job hunt will work as good as you make it work. The point I’m making is that Dice is an excellent site but you can’t forget broad market sites like Hotjobs and Monster, also Career Builder is a big one, but CB never got me a job. A few of my friends have told me that Indeed has worked well for them.