Install WordPress Blog Software

Installing a WordPress blog is easy.

The best way to go about installing a WordPress blog is to log into your hosting control panel and use a program called simple scripts to do the automatic installation for you. The installation should take less that two minutes. If your hosting account does not use simple scripts it is still pretty easy to install WordPress. What you will do in this case is to go to and download the latest version of WordPress to your hard drive. Once you have the WordPress script on your hard drive, then next thing you will do is to upload it to your server. Now that the WordPress script is on your server the next thing you will do is to create a new SQL database on the server. Next open up WordPress and input your server info and you are good to go.

"Install WordPress Blog Software"

Top WordPress Plugins Overview Part 2

Redirection is a cool plugin that makes sure visitors get to your site instead of getting a blank 404 error page when they click on an old URL. SEO Friendly Images adds Meta info to your pictures. This will improve traffic to your site from Google and Yahoo image searches. SI CAPTCHA Anti-Spam protects your WordPress blogs comments, registration and pretty much all the form that require user input with a captcha. This will greatly reduce the amount of spam on your site.

"Top WordPress Plugins Overview Part 2"