Windows 7 Image Building

Get Started With Your Windows 7 Image

The Windows 7 image utility works almost as good as Norton Ghost. If you have the Windows 7 image program you probably do not need to get Norton Ghost or Acronis True Image.

Windows 7 Image Building

Windows 7 Image Building in Quick Steps

You should go to start all programs, click on accessories, then getting started and then back up your files. The Microsoft program will allow you to save your backup copy of Windows 7 in a variety of places, such as DVD, external drive or network. Click on back up now and it will do the job.

"Windows 7 Image Building"

Speed Up Windows 7

Let's speed  up Windows 7 performance.

One of the first things you want to do is to run the disk defragmenter. What Windows 7 disk defragmenter does is it rearranges you files so that they load up quicker. You should be defragmenting your windows 7 hard drive monthly. The next thing that you can do is to run the scan disk checker on your computer. This Windows 7 utility will check your hard drive for bad areas and fix them.

"Speed Up Windows 7"