Show Facebook Fan Page in Facebook Profile Page

A lot of people have been asking me how to display their facebook fan page on their facebook profile page. I am goint to explain it to you in a few easy steps.

In order to show your facebook fan page on your facebook personnal profile you will need to log into the facebook fan page and click on edit then head over to featured items and click on then click on edit page owners and check of the facebook page owners that you want displayed.

"Show Facebook Fan Page in Facebook Profile Page"

Top WordPress Plugins Overview Part 1

Let’s talk about some of the top WordPress plugins.

Addthis social bookmarking widget is a great social networking tool that allows your users to share your WebPages on sites like facebook and twitter. For you blogs advertising I would recommend that you go with Ad Injection, this advertising manager will allow you to post any type of ads on your site. It could be Google ads, click bank ads, commission junction ads or you own email forms from acajoom, phplist, aweber, icontact, or get response. Ad Injector also allows you to place these ads anywhere on your site.

"Top WordPress Plugins Overview Part 1"

Great Facebook Youtube And Twitter Apps

I ran across a website called that has some of the greatest Face book apps.

Involver has an RSS feed app that will auto publish post from your blog. There is also an app that will post your YouTube videos. You can also put a tab on your Facebook page for your twitter updates.

"Great Facebook Youtube And Twitter Apps"