Tag Your Mp3s

As our collection of mp3s  grows, there is a need to keep our mp3 collection organized.

I have found a great tool that can tag your mp3s with ease. We all know that the apple iTunes program does a good job of tagging your mp3s but its fault is that it will include all these tagged mp3s in your iTunes library and you may note want all your songs in your iTunes library. This is where it is necessary to have a stand alone tool to tag your mp3s.

Mp3tag software is able to tap all the info on your mp3 collection quickly and easily.

You just select the song folder than the songs, enter the tag info and hit save and you are done. Now when you do sync the mp3s to your iPhone or android device, all of the info will show up in an organized manner.

I am including a link below where you can download the free mp3 tag software as an alternative to iTunes. Mp3tag does what is says it will do and it is free of charge. http://pcfix411.com/downloads/doc_details/19-mp3tag

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