Configure Domain Controllers

  • Installing a Read-Only Domain Controller
  • Configure Password Replication Group
  • Transfer and Seize Operations Master Roles
  • Configure Universal Group Membership Caching
  • How to configure an RODC server
  • How configure and verify password caching on RODC server
  • How to transfer FSMO roles using GUI-based administrator programs
  • How to use NTDSUTIL to seize the FSMO roles from a failed domain controller
  • How to configure Universal Group Membership Caching for remote sites that are connected to slow unreliable WAN links.
"Configure Domain Controllers"

Configure DNS Zones

  • Create DNS Primary Zones
  • Implement Conditional Forwarding
  • Enable Zone Delegation
  • Configure Zone Transfer and Notify Settings
  • PLABDC01 (Windows Server 2012 R2 – Domain Controller)
  • PLABDM01 (Windows Server 2012 R2 – Domain Member Server)
  • PLABSA01 (Windows Server 2012 R2 – Standalone Server)
  • PLABWIN810 (Windows 8.1 – Domain Workstation)
"Configure DNS Zones"