Onlywire Social Networking Auto Publishing

I ran across great tool for auto publishing content across dozens of social networks on the internet.

It is called Onlywire. The Onlywire website will auto submit your content to all the social networking sites than you choose. So with the click of a button, you can submit content to Facebook, twitter, MySpace, Bebo, Friendster, Hi5, Orkut, just to name a few.  

This Onlywire tool works in multiple ways.

You can get an Onlywire browser plugins for Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, and Opera. You just drag the link into the bookmark bar.  You can also download a desktop submitter that will work automatically from your desktop.  Once those steps are complete you will set up an account on the site, then you will create accounts to the social networks that you want to use, then you will use the Onlywire browser plugins, the desktop submitter or install the code for the Onlywire button on your website. Now you are ready to submit content to all the social networking sites with the click on a button.