Microsoft Xbox 360 Controller for Windows Review

The Microsoft Xbox 360 Controller for Windows is a great choice for you video gaming needs.

It is instantly compatible with most games and offers a familiar game controller for the PC that you are accustomed to using with the consoles. I prefer the wired Xbox 360 controller since I play games on my laptop and am not that far away from it. The Xbox 360 controller comes with a software driver cd but does not come with any special configuration program for keyboard mapping. It is a pretty straight forward set up. You run the cd to install your software and play your games. xbox 360 controller for windows

This controller has a great feel to it. The vibration is moderate on it.

Most games even match up with the letter and color configuration on the buttons, which is pretty nice. This controller also comfortably co exist with another leading controller the logitech rumblepad 2 on your system. You can even play the same game with someone else mixing up these two controllers. If you are looking for something that is pretty much standardize and do not want to configure a controller than the Xbox 360 controller for windows is the one for you.

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