MacBook Air Vs iPad

MacBook Air vs iPad Is Not Really a Comparison.

The Macbook air and the iPad are actually two distinctively different products. The iPad can be considered a tech appliance as opposed to the Macbook air being a full computer. People end up comparing the iPad to the Macbook air because of the size similarities. I am not going to go into the technical specifications on the MacBook Air vs iPad, but what I will say is that the tech specs for the Macbook air are much better than that of the iPad. That does not tell the whole story because one is built for full computing, that is the MacBook air and the other is built for entertainment, that is the iPad.

What Are The Specs Between The MacBook Air vs iPad

Both the Macbook air and the iPad ship with 64 gig hard drives, the iPad has 512MB ram and the Macbook air has GB ram. Now the reason that the hardware is a little different is because the MacBook air is built for serious computing while the iPad is built for entertainment. The iPad is pretty much an entertainment tablet pc for email, surfing the internet and watching movies. When thinking about Macbook Pro vs iPad they are but for two different purposes. If you need a computer for daily work than you should go with the MacBook air.

MacBook Air Vs iPad

Round 3 The MacBook Air vs iPad In Pricing

The iPad cost a little less than the MacBook air but once you add options to the iPad to make it comparable to the MacBook air than the cost is similar. The iPad will not run all programs efficiently, instead you will have to use scaled down apps. Once good thing about the iPad is that you can only run and see one app at a time thus making it easier for the novice user. The MacBook air has much better hardware than the iPad. The iPad is more of a fun tablet computer to be used secondary to a full feature computer. At the end it is up to you what you want. If you already have a laptop that can handle your day to day needs than you can get the iPad 2 for fun and novelty. If you do not have a computer and need a computer, than get the MacBook air. Share your thoughts on the Macbook Pro vs iPad, which one is the winner?

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