Ipod Will Not Sync With Itunes


What do you do when your IPod Will Not Sync With ITunes.

This can happen for a number of reasons. The software on the iPod can be corrupt. You may have computer issues. Lets take a look into the common scenarios. Most of the time this is a software conflict. Some thing in the computer is conflicting with the current set up.

Ipod Will Not Sync With Itunes

Your software can be out of date and the iPod will not sync with iTunes.

All you have to do is to select restore iPod to factory defaults either in the iTunes program or on the iPod itself. This will restore the iPod to the original factory condition. A word of caution is that you will loose all of your songs as they will be erased. If your iPod will not sync with iTunes on your PC or mac, then I suggest rebooting both the PC and iPod with the USB plug disconnected. Once the PC is back on and completely booted up, plug in the USB cord on the iPod and iTunes should pop up and you should be able to sync your iPod to iTunes Try to reboot the iPod and PC a few times if necessary, it should work.

Another reason why the iPod will not sync with the iTunes is the computer has security program conflicting with the iTunes.

If your share music folder has security set up on it, than you must make sure that all the folders inside it meaning the album and mp3 song files all inherit the correct permission from the parent folder. If your main folder has the correct permission but the mp3 inside does not than iTunes or any other music program like win amp or windows media player will not be able to read it. I actually had that exact problem with my iPod not syncing with iTunes and was baffled by it. Once i set the music library mp3 folder to inherit permission from the parent my iPod synced just fine with the iTunes program.

A few things to try when your iPod will not sync with iTunes

In conclusion, you can sync your iPod shuffle with iTunes if you take the time to figure out why you are getting the error. To sync the iPod nano with iTunes is pretty much the same process as to sync the iPhone with iTunes. If you follow the instructions in my article you will be able to sync songs with iTunes with out any problems. Just connect the USB of the iPod to your laptop and iTunes should sync up your playlist and sync your folders to iTunes. With some trial and error you can indeed find out why your iPod will not sync with iTunes. Once you do identify your particular issue and fix, go ahead and share it with us here on on our Facebook page.

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