How Your Smartphone Can Keep You Ahead of the Social Media Curve

If you're on social media to interact with your fans and consumers, you are on point with the current trend in business-to-client communication. If you want to stay ahead of the curve, however, you should look to future trends. Around 1 in 3 adults own a smartphone and an even higher percentage of teenagers carry one, so mobile social media is on the rise. To impress your fans and followers, stay on top of your social networking from a mobile device and encourage friends and followers to do the same. Here are just some of the benefits:

Retaining Relationships

Your friends and followers will only continue to engage with you on social media if they are getting something from the relationship. This could mean receiving useful information, viewing photos that give them an inside look at an important event, or getting cool videos they can pass along to friends. Using a smartphone to update your social media helps you keep your friends and clients interested in your profile because you can add to your account on a more regular basis. Your friends won't have to wait as long in between posts, giving them a chance to forget they ever became a fan of your Facebook page or followed you on Twitter.

Immediate Posts

Quite simply, a smartphone lets you update your social media sites more often because it is with you at all times. This helps you stay ahead of the curve, updating your site with information as soon as you get it. If you rely on an office computer for updating social media, you can only monitor your site during the eight or so hours when you are physically at your computer desk or have a laptop in front of you. A smartphone means you can update whenever an important piece of news breaks that relates to your brand — no more waiting until the next morning to post, when the news has already made its Internet rounds and you seem less than savvy. To get even faster access to your social media account, get an application, like the app for Facebook.

Faster Damage Control

By that same token, in the event of a PR disaster, you'll want the tools for solving the problem right at your finger tips. I smart phone can be the perfect tool for doing a hasty patch-up after something bad happens to your company. Instead of sitting helplessly by as every other blogger discusses your faux pas or flub-up, you can spin it as it's happening so that the unflattering news never has to be completely unflattering.

As mobile social media grows exponentially, keeping smartphone technology in mind is a must. If you're interested in how to use smartphones to your advantage with social networking, take a look at this article from AdHaven about the future of mobile media.