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No Sound In Internet Explorer 9

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If you are getting no sound in Internet Explorer 9 there are a few things that you can try to get the sound back on

The no sound problem is common in Internet Explorer since version 7, so what I am saying here may apply dating back IE 7. The first thing you want to do is go to check other programs on the PC for sound. The next thing to do is to check another web browser like Firefox or Google Chrome for sound. If the other web browser is working than you know the issue is with Internet Explorer 9.

Here is how to fix the issue of no sound in Internet Explorer 9 internet explorer 9

You can start of by going to tools, internet options, advanced tab. Next go to accessibility and check play system sounds. Than go to multimedia and check play sounds in web pages. Finally in security check use TLS 1.2, hit apply and ok. Restart the browser and you should have sound.

If you do not have sound after that than you should go to tools, internet options, advanced and click on the restore advanced setting button, than restart the browser. If that does not work after you restart the browser than go to tools, internet options, advanced and click the reset button, apply and ok. If for some reason you are still having a problem. Reboot the computer and start of with my initial fix for no sound on Internet Explorer 9, checking for sound in the webpages after each one of the steps.

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  • You are the mofo man! Reseting to factory defaults so elegant in it's simplicity. Genius! Needless to say it worked for me.

  • @summersht YW.

  • thanks! tried I was only able to hear a small about of videos, but now i get them all!

  • @8inchworm YW.

  • thx !!!!!! very good  !!!!!!!!!!!

  • @hao920502 YW

  • THANKS MAN!!! It worked! tried this and that, none worked. Until I watched your vid. Tried 1st step, no luck. 2nd step, no luck either. 3rd step, pressed reset. Close IE, open IE back and voila!! I can hear your voice! Thanks a lot again!

  • @gendutz20 YW

  • i cant hear a damn thing youre saying.. U_U


  • THANK YOU! it was a problem with flash, but even when i redownload/installed it it would sttill have no sound


  • @dsm1891 YW

  • i tried to watch this in internet explorer, but i couldnt hear it lol

  • I didn't have TLS 1.2, I only had TLS 1.0, so put a check in that box. Everything else was already checked. It works now.  Thanks a bunch!

  • @MissJanLIS U welcome.

  • Thanks; I couldn't hear you so I just watched and followed the first half of your video and make sure there were check marks on those settings in IE9. It now works! Thanks again!

  • @wilber2k06 Welcome.


  • @rapidsuperclown You welcome.

  • O I Forgot....I CANT HEAR U -__-

  • Why tou talkin when I'm here to find a solution to hearing no sound on the net???

  • there is no voice and he is talking :))...

  • I don't have the "use TLS 1.2" option, is that necessary? I did the other 2 but it still doesn't work :( It was working fine 3 days ago but then it stopped working!

  • @kittycatrat98 No you dont have to have it one. Check out my vid on removing windows update. Once of them may be causing the issue. Then if not that you can set windows to update automatically and it should work. What OS do you have?

  • ah thanks alot, fixed it....much appreciate your help

  • You are the man! I finally have sound for IE.

  • Thank you so much! I can finally hear music on IE again. :D

  • @DementedNerd You welcome.

  • Thank you

  • @vladu789 Your welcome.


No Sound In Internet Explorer 9

Last Updated (Tuesday, 19 November 2013 21:19)

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