Console Vs PC Gaming

To get the point straight to the bat about Console Vs PC Gaming a high end PC will always beat out a game console in every category.

What this article is focused on is the overall user experience in console vs PC gaming. You see, the graphics do not have to be the best in the world to enjoy the game. It is how much fun you have. Now with that said I am a PC gamer but must admit the overall experience of the console vs PC gaming that they are all very close.


What does it cost you to own a highly equipped console vs PC gaming system?

What is the cost to upgrade an Xbox, Wii, Playstation or PC? Can you really tell the difference in the games if you are not looking for it? For example, if I hook up a Playstation 3 to a non HD TV it will not look the way it was meant to look. What I’m saying is how you can expect your Xbox 360 to look good if you are not connected it to a 1080 or at least 720p LCD or plasma. Guy, this is where the comparisons between Console Vs PC Gaming get blurred. Xbox 360, Playstation 3, and Nintendo Wii, all need the best television display possible. With that said I have seen Playstation 3's connected to high end Sony big screen TV that is second to none. The point I'm making is that you have to connect your console to a high end TV.

Now I have played games on all formats. Nintendo Wii has the interactive market locked. I have noticed basically women and kids love this game. The graphics are just OK but the game play is fun. Keep in mind that’s what you play games for is fun. You will get over the graphics. The Xbox 360 has some serious graphics and online game play that is very interactive with a lot of trash talk between you and your new online friend. The Playstation 3 has a great controller adding to the overall fun and serves many functions in addition to gaming.

Graphics on Console Vs PC Gaming

I would say the graphics on an up to date PC with a good NVIDIA or Radeon card will have the best graphics. With that said lets rate them. Graphics overall not for just one particular game.

  1. PC
  2. XBOX
  3. Playstation 3
  4. Nintendo Wii

Game play

  1. Playstation 3
  2. Xbox
  3. Nintendo Wii
  4. PC

Over all fun and usefulness

  1. Playstation 3
  2. PC
  3. Xbox 360
  4. Nintendo Wii

So what I am recommending to you guys is if you need a game machine and have a budget like we all do. Go with the Playstation 3. The PC come in next but these graphics cards can cost as much as a game console and developers for PC basically develop the game for the most expensive graphics cards costing a couple of hundred dollars as opposed to when they are developing the same game for a console the know the exact guidelines that they have to work within to develop a great game. So if the have to tone done a graphic in the background to make sure the game runs smoothly they will.

Who wins the overall quality of experience in Console Vs PC Gaming

That is why I say the over all quality and value of experience is the Playstation 3. Developers know what they are working with and tweak the game to work perfect with the consoles. The PC gaming on the other hand game developers go for broke, they attempt to benchmark and break records in everything and that is extremely demanding on hardware. You can have a video card with 1 gig or ram and system ram of 4 gigs running Pentium 4 or core duo processor and you are just meeting requirements in the PC gaming world as opposed to a game being made to work perfect on the Playstation 3, Xbox 360 or Nintendo Wii. That’s a very big thing.

Another big thing is that PC games are not standardized, meaning no two people can share the same experience on a PC game because between in both players machines lie so many variable, i.e., sound card, video card, processor, system memory and bus, etc.

One of the things that bothers me about PC standardization is the controllers. Logitech is going to be the most compatible controller, you can also use programs to map or match your keyboard controls to your game controller, but this must be done for every game or it could conflict with other games. This can be really annoying to say the least. With a game console the game just works perfect with the game pad because all developers must comply with that consoles game pad. That is much better than spending days trying to get a game to work right with your game pad and even after that still needing to use the keyboard and mouse to get some games ready.

At the end of the day Playstation 3 is the king, you get an excellent controller that has been proven for years, free online gaming, free wifi and internet browser ready. You also get a blue ray player with the Playstation 3 and its running off of Linux the most stable operating system today. Let us know your verdict in console vs PC gaming and game on.


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  • gorillaiceman 6 months ago

    as far as graphics go, its wii in last place, then xbox, then ps3, then PC. Period.

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    Ankido94 7 months ago

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    duckypwns 8 months ago

  • dathip 11 months ago

    cool video bro. I agree with all your points. It cost me 350 bucks total to build my pc. I got intel i3 core 3.1 ghz processor and fan/heat sink, 8 gb ram, windows 7 64 bit ultimate, ati radeon hd 6570 1 gb ddr3 gpu card(on its way by dec 27), asus lga 1155 motherboard b3 revision, quiet coolant fan, 500 watt power supply, and 1 TB hard drive.

  • pcfix411 11 months ago

    Thanks. Thats a great price for all that you have. How and where did you get all the components so cheap?

  • dathip 11 months ago

    I got them off ebay and amazon brand new too. I made sure which items were the cheapest.

  • 18T220 11 months ago

    I run 1600p not 1080p on my PC, man 1080p is so old school. 🙂

  • spajn34 1 year ago

    pc gaming all the way, graphic is one thing but the most important is pc has superior controls.

    yeahyeah u can get good at a fps game with gamepads but you will have no chance against a decent pc gamer if you would be in the same game. nuff said

  • davidzxc1 1 year ago

    Wow, really?? this guy thinks xbox 360 has better graphics than PS3??? for a fact Uncharted 3 and God of war 3 are the best looking console games, I'm not a PS3 fanboy but is a fact not an opinion, PS3 has the best graphics on consoles!

  • aten747 9 months ago

    well after anylisis they both have the same graphics relay… there is hardly any difference, but a PC does trum all

  • TheTinxE 1 year ago

    Console gaming is and will always be more popular because it is cheaper. PC gaming may yield a more valuable gaming experience especially via graphics, however an xbox is just simple. I am a PC gamer myself, sold my 360 and ps3, built a PC and I love it. Wouldn't go back ever, but that's just me.

  • pcfix411 1 year ago

    Thats cool. The consoles are cheaper than a comparable gaming PC, can you share with us how much your PC cost you and the main components?

  • TheTinxE 1 year ago

    My PC cost me roughly 700$, although you could very easily make a decent gaming PC for probably 600$. My computer has a AMD athlon II 3.2ghz quad core processor, NVIDIA geforce gts 250, 1 terra drive, windows 64 bit, dvdrw drive, power supply, and 4gigs of ram. I bought all of my parts off of which I must highly recommend. The PC is about a year old, I have had 0 problems with it and all games run on max settings with around 50 FPS (Including crysis 2)

  • pcfix411 1 year ago

    Thank you for sharing. So with a thousand dollar pc you do get the gaming performance, but you do pay for it. The question I have is where is the balance? We know the PC is superior but at what cost? So if you have the money its a no brainer, PC wins. But if we are trying to find a balance, then what?

  • aten747 9 months ago

    so iwas thinking the same thing, but with the xbox720 and ps4 expected to cost around 800$. and a gaming PC that can do better than graphics for only 750, so for PC soon there wont be a cost factor anymore, plus games cost more, and if you think about itif you buy a console, you probably have a PC too, and that's gunna cost more money than just buying a single really nice computer, and good job on gaming choice

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    Author withheld

  • TheTinxE 1 year ago

    The first games were all on PC's. PC's can definatly be for gaming. Laptops suck for gaming unless you buy expensive laptops, but desktops can very easily be an amazing gaming machine. You cant complain about a macbook pro because first of all its a laptop, and its a mac. Macs aren't made for gaming, they are made for work. A good gaming pc can made for 600$ easily. ibuypowerdotcom is a great website for gaming pc's.

  • CrunchyPotatoes 1 year ago

    What most people don't seem to know is that you can plug in a controller on a PC and plug a PC to a TV. A PC is a multitool, consoles a "toy", they cannot be compared. It would be like comparing a really good bicycle to a kids tricycle.

    Buy a console if you simply want something cheap to game on, buy a PC if you want to commit your money on gaming. It is really as simple as that, there is nothing more to it.

  • pcfix411 1 year ago

    Well said. How about the fact that a lot of games that are available on the consoles are not available on the PC?

  • CrunchyPotatoes 1 year ago

    Thanks. And I did not mention that because there are far more games that is not available on consoles that is on PC and to dvelve too much into such small details seemed a little pointless use of space in my already too long comment 😉

  • CrunchyPotatoes 1 year ago

    In fact there are entire genres that simply can't be played with a controller.

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    Author withheld

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    HeroicStudi0s 1 year ago

  • Rattlepiece 1 year ago

    How about all those games available on PC that are not available on console? Same goes there.

  • TheTinxE 1 year ago

    This is very very true. Infact, I use an xbox 360 controller to play a lot of games on my pc. Some games like GTA, dirt 2, even COD, although when it comes to FPS's I prefer mouse and keyboard.

    People don't realize that they are judging there $400 dollar rip off PC that they bought from best buy. Those computers always suck.

  • pcfix411 1 year ago

    Absolutely. If your going to play games on your pc you are going to need to speed the money on the right video card, processor and ram combination.

    I would like for you guys to share you set up and what it cost you?

  • xray174 1 year ago

    360 has better graphics then ps3 lol thats a joke

  • pcfix411 1 year ago

    @almad4it Thats true. Gameplay should be the top overall factor. Game play is one thing the consoles have excelled in during the past years. In spite of graphical limitations compared to the PC the console gameplay has been overall fun. A great example of the is the Nintendo systems.

  • ClearMagicFTW 1 year ago

    @zorrgon56 Do some research before you comment. PC Gamers have mods, MUCH more customization, a matured audience, better controls, more exclusives, Steam, etc. There's more to the PC than just porn, we're not all perverts, we do other stuff.

  • Peter47890 1 year ago

    never in life? I think the correct way of saying it is can current console run Crysis 2 DX 11 with high Res Textures, Hardcore settings. Yes pc hardware will be more powerful then console hardware since PC hardware gets upgraded like yearly I think(not sure) while console have a life span of 6-8 years till they finally upgrade. But when the next generation of consoles come, they probably could.

  • Destructioniskey 1 year ago

    @zorrgon56 I have a logitech g500 gaming mouse for my pc and it is sooooo much more accurate than my xbox 360's controller. And there is less assholes on pc. More cheaters but I would rather people cheat then be a dick to me.

  • brandonman2k 1 year ago

    pc wins! why!?

    because pc gamers are graphic/system whores they always talk about (max settings,enb,hdmi,hd,9999×9999 resolution,super anti aliasing, speed/fps etc.(piracy)lol! But I use my pc for PORN because thats the best use for it!

    console is not bad anyway!

  • pcfix411 1 year ago

    Lol, I hear you.

  • l4zrvids 1 year ago

    usefullness is best on ps3? WHAT you can do so much more on pc and the experience is best on pc because the games are cheaper and the graphics are better

  • Lloyd Franklin 1 year ago

    PC will also be better, but if console ever beats PC then I will put my hands up.

  • pcfix411 1 year ago

    I see what you are saying. The PC's options are limitless but what about the consoles convinience?

  • Lloyd Franklin 1 year ago

    Consoles are good for turn on and play. PC's are good for a better gaming experience. I have a console, only use it when games don't come to PC like Red Dead Redemption, LA Norie and Alan Wake.

  • KeshnerfFilms 1 year ago


    Oh god. You would sacrifice limitlessness for convenience? Well, I guess if your not good with computers… other than that, bask in the full glory of PC tech.

  • Thomas Savidge 1 year ago

    Hey wtf is a counsel?? WTF is top Natch?? if your going to make a video for everyone to see, learn to speak better first.

  • MASTURCHEEF001 1 year ago

    wow.. you failed… PC is the most useful because you can do WORK instead of just playing games and surfing the web

  • aten747 9 months ago

    no, the PC is best at all things from gaming, to web surfing, to work, its just better…

  • rockermac5 2 years ago

    there is no U in console.

  • lucas96180 2 years ago

    i didnt try on a PC? shooters i have already mentioned trying on a computer not digging the keyboard, fighters actually yes tekken 1and2PC emu and it sucks dick and as for sports Fifa 03 and it sucks as well. I dont need to afford a high end PC cause i could care less about gaming on it. as for mw2 i dont even play COD cause i dont play realistic shooters. i only play shooters wise Halo, gears of war, and F.E.A.R.. So you are really stupid making assumptions about people without kno

  • Texnux 2 years ago

    – You dont need a high-end computer to beat consoles, not even close…

    – MW2 isn't realistic, MW is.

    – You don't seem to have a computer but is so PRO on a PC? Skill levels varies much greater on a PC.

    – You dont want to use a controller to see that the controller is nothing compared to a M/K setting in FPS.

  • lucas96180 2 years ago

    Tell me how is that stupidity if i merely express my opinion about liking shooters on consoles more than PC and expressing facts about games that aernt on PC but on console. dumbass

  • lucas96180 2 years ago

    PC for MMO's Consoles for Shooters/Fighting/Racing/Adven­ture games

  • Str8BeastY1 2 years ago

    consoles for shooters? what?

  • lucas96180 2 years ago

    yeps moving around with a keyboard sucks it might be good using a mouse for aiming but for me i use analogs all the way besides i dont see Reach or Gears2 on PC only shooters i play.

  • Texnux 2 years ago

    Shooters on console…? Pff you never played FPS games on the PC, the competition is better, people are better, the gameplay is better and so on… As a PC FPS gamer I find it way easier on consoles to KILL… Some of my friends are great on console but downright suck on PC even though they play PC more… I myself rarely play FPS on console yet my scores are better in the console even though I am worse on the console, because the average console gamer is worse than the bad PC gamers

  • lucas96180 2 years ago

    You shouldnt make assumptions without knowing your facts i occassionally play Halo:CE on PC.Everything you just said about being better is merely your opinion. I find it easier to kill on PC since you can aim better. Your whole argument has not 1 factual evidence in it so if your gonna put up an argument than give me some real facts why PC shooter is better than Console

  • Texnux 2 years ago

    geek com/articles/games/microsoft-c­ans-pcxbox-360-live-crossover-­gaming-20100722/

    What I meant was, it takes less to get a kill on console than on a PC, reason why? Reactions plays a bigger role on computers.

    Also, if you don't believe PC is better for FPS gaming, then go hook a controller to your computer and learn the true meaning of the word "owned".

    Competition, skills, control, pace, reactions, sounds and so on plays a bigger role on the PC. Now you prove me wrong.

  • lucas96180 2 years ago

    For u, me on the other hand i can easily much more kill on a PC. Reactions? i have played COD on occasions on PC and compared to consoles people run out like idiots and camp just like the console version only really big difference i see is more modders on PC. I do not wish to plug a Controller into a computer because the majority would play with mouse so people playing with different options kinda puts the controller player at a disadvantage does it?

  • lucas96180 2 years ago

    so no there is no owned only u thinking u have. competition? no same as consoles except more mods and mod is playing the game the way it wasnt meant to be played, skills? no same people doing same shit as on PC, control? for u maybe i prefer everyone using controller so i go with console, Pace? there is no pace its camp or runNgun and everyone does the same in every FPS game, reactions depends on player and sound? HELLO EVER HEARD OF 60+inch HD tv with Surround sound? so i have

  • Texnux 2 years ago

    – Multiple test have shown FPS gamers on console get destroyed by medicro PC gamers when there is no restriction (like worst accuracy for PC) and support (like auto aim for controllers).

    – Competition events are bigger and more common on PC…

    – Mods are user content, a bonus we PC gamers gets, for free even…

    – You seriously mean that skill levels varies little on a PC? Use one for more than 30 seconds…

  • Texnux 2 years ago

    – Enjoy your controller but dont come and state it is anyway near the level of control you gain with a M/K setup…

    – Even a slow game can have a slow gameplay and still be faster on another platform… etc the PC.

    – No everyone doesn't do the same in every FPS because gameplay differentiates.

    – You can still react quicker and more precisily on a PC with a K/M than you can on a controller.

  • Texnux 2 years ago

    – A TV with no external Surround sound isn't usually good quality…

    – A bigger screen doesn't allow you to see things better if the resolution can't follow the size of the screen.

    – Consoles can't play games in HD…

    – Headsets allows you to hear sounds you can't do with big speakers, if they did, then explain why SOOO many console gamers dont react to enemies running right behind them and in the same game on PC everyone does… Sound is more than just the volume.

  • TearsOfWar1 2 years ago

    You can get a blu-ray burner/reader for $140 for the PC… So PS3 is out of the game when it comes to that.

  • livonallemaney 2 years ago

    1) consoles are min pc's

    2) how did u measure gameplay?

    3) overall usefulness is the pc. this is u; oh the ps3 has a blue ray player ,well guess what.

  • bjhorton2005 2 years ago

    Very good video! I agree on all the points. I have noticed some computer games look better than console versions, but also on some the console versions look better than the computer versions. That's a difference in the programming or porting them over or whatever. A computer has higher resolutions sometimes than 1080p, and on top of that the graphics cards are forever expandable! Good video

  • keiki646 2 years ago

    No Console game will never be better than PC Games. All Games are engineer and designed on a PC Hardware using CPU, Memory, Video GPU and GPU Memory, Motherboard. PC Computers have more power and 100% SURELY have the upper had on consoles. Note that Console systems also use a architecture design that is GPU to run the games. P3 and Xbox have I believe 2 but the down side to that is not very good cooling. You can buy watercooling for the console but you have to be sure you know what

  • keiki646 2 years ago

    you are doing when it comes down to mods for console systems. They can get very tricky and difficult as times. But one you open the console that will void your warranty. In note of all of what you are saying there is no point that this video being said or watch when chatting about this as a Discussion

  • keiki646 2 years ago

    Listen everyone know that PC games are better and console systems. All games are made from PC systems and I do believe that PC will always have the top end of sales. yes PC Gaming RIG systems can be on a high cost when coming down to prices but PC can run mods, upgrades, new patches and etc. Yes consoles are fun for family time. PS3 is not the best…

  • backto83 2 years ago

    sony Ps3 gets 1080p mgs4, gt5, cod4, cod4.2, dragonage, gow3, ff x13, xbox does not have better graphics than PS3. I have a high end laptop (qosmio 500) the pc is nice but gaming is a task period. Unless your serious about gaming it does gets tedious, and now with windows 7 you have to download countless patches etc. PS3 IS THE BEST!!!

  • livonallemaney 2 years ago

    yes ps3 gets 1080p but for pc gamers that was like 3years ago.we are so far past 1080p.for people that don't know 1080p is 1920×1080 resolution but on one monitor u can get QSXGA which is 2560×2048 and with Eyefinity which is 3 monitor as one 7680×1600 so good luck with 1080p ps3 lol

  • TearsOfWar1 2 years ago

    Sorry for replying to a 5 month old comment but I want to tell you something. The Ps3 does not run most games at true 1080p. Most of the games for the PS3 run at 600p and are upscaled to 1080p, which is does NOT look as good as the real thing.

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