How To Back Up Your Emails

Back Up Your Emails

I am going to show you how to never loose an email again. The trick to back up your emails so that you never loose them is to save them in multiple places. This can be done in a variety of ways from using a desktop programs or using multiple online email accounts.

Back Up Your Emails In Microsoft Outlook

Back Up Your Emails In Microsoft OutlookYou need to go to file, import and export, export to file, select file type and select the folders you want to back up, that is your calender and email, etc. That is all there is to it in Outlook to back up your emails.

"How To Back Up Your Emails"

Windows 7 Image Building

Get Started With Your Windows 7 Image

The Windows 7 image utility works almost as good as Norton Ghost. If you have the Windows 7 image program you probably do not need to get Norton Ghost or Acronis True Image.

Windows 7 Image Building

Windows 7 Image Building in Quick Steps

You should go to start all programs, click on accessories, then getting started and then back up your files. The Microsoft program will allow you to save your backup copy of Windows 7 in a variety of places, such as DVD, external drive or network. Click on back up now and it will do the job.

"Windows 7 Image Building"

Show Facebook Fan Page in Facebook Profile Page

A lot of people have been asking me how to display their facebook fan page on their facebook profile page. I am goint to explain it to you in a few easy steps.

In order to show your facebook fan page on your facebook personnal profile you will need to log into the facebook fan page and click on edit then head over to featured items and click on then click on edit page owners and check of the facebook page owners that you want displayed.

"Show Facebook Fan Page in Facebook Profile Page"

How to Get Rid of Programs Stuck on Windows

It is always best to do the uninstall with the manufacturer uninstall program or with the Windows uninstall utility. If that is not working you will have to go the direct route.

Have you ever had a program in Windows that was stuck there and you could not uninstall it? I have and I know how annoying that can be. Well there is good news. Its not hard to get rid of programs that are stuck on windows, and I mean any version of windows, like windows XP or Windows 7. Just follow my easy steps and you will be good to go.

"How to Get Rid of Programs Stuck on Windows"

Speed Up Windows 7

Let's speed  up Windows 7 performance.

One of the first things you want to do is to run the disk defragmenter. What Windows 7 disk defragmenter does is it rearranges you files so that they load up quicker. You should be defragmenting your windows 7 hard drive monthly. The next thing that you can do is to run the scan disk checker on your computer. This Windows 7 utility will check your hard drive for bad areas and fix them.

"Speed Up Windows 7"

Change Volume And Insert Volume Envelope In Sony Vegas 9

Working with sound in Sony Vegas 9 is pretty easy. You can change the sound in two ways. One way is to adjust the sound directly on the Vegas track. Another way is to create a volume envelope at particular points in the audio track to adjust the volume of those particular points.










To adjust the volume of a track, you move the mouse over to that tracks volume control and go left or right.



"Change Volume And Insert Volume Envelope In Sony Vegas 9"

No Sound In Internet Explorer 9

If you are getting no sound in Internet Explorer 9 there are a few things that you can try to get the sound back on

The no sound problem is common in Internet Explorer since version 7, so what I am saying here may apply dating back IE 7. The first thing you want to do is go to check other programs on the PC for sound. The next thing to do is to check another web browser like Firefox or Google Chrome for sound. If the other web browser is working than you know the issue is with Internet Explorer 9.

"No Sound In Internet Explorer 9"

Keyboard Shortcuts For The PC

It is a good idea to know at least a few keyboard shortcuts for the PC when using your computer.

The following keyboard shortcuts will save you a lot of time and energy when put to use.

The following keyboard shortcuts are located at the very top of your keyboard. I want to not that a lot of these shortcuts will work on most programs and devices. For example the F1 key is always for help. Take a look at the follow chart for basic keyboard shortcuts.

Esc  Cancel the current task
F1  Display Help
"Keyboard Shortcuts For The PC"