Install Jenkins on Ubuntu 20

The Ubuntu installation was pretty seamless. Make sure you install Java 8 first, then update Ubuntu 20 and restart. Then visit the Jenkins Debian package site: for installation syntax. This Stack Overflow post was very helpful as well:

If Nautilus file manager is not installed. Do the following: sudo apt install nautilus-admin :

"Install Jenkins on Ubuntu 20"

Install Jenkins on Windows 10

You must install Java on your system before installing Jenkins. Some of the issue that you may run into while installing Jenkins server on your Windows 10 workstation are the following:

  • Jenkins installation windows 10 service logon credentials
  • Service Jenkins failed to start sufficient privileges windows 10
  • Windows could not start the Jenkins service on local computer
  • Display hidden files Windows 10

The videos covers your Jenkins installation on Windows 10 from start to finish. Lets cover some of the above issues.

Jenkins installation windows 10 service logon credentials

The local security policy must be updated here to allow a user to log on as a service.

"Install Jenkins on Windows 10"