Verizon Fios vs Cablevision Optimum Online

We all have heard all the talk about who is the fastest. Everyone wonders if Verizon Fios is actually faster that Cablevision Optimum Online.

I have real world proof that verizons fiber network is faster than cablevision optimum online triple play. Below we will see what happens when Verizon Fios vs Cablevision Optimum online. I actually got both verizon fios and optimum online broadband services hooked up and performed wireless speed test from my laptop based on both fios vs optimum online mbps. I first connected to verizon fios and got a whooping 1.2 MB/sec download speed. I then connected to another router in my location that was connected to cablevision optimum online and only got 618 KB/sec. That means that verizon fios is 2x faster that cablevision optimum online.

"Verizon Fios vs Cablevision Optimum Online"

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