AT&T DSL vs Comcast Xfinity High Speed Internet

AT&T FastAccess® DSL Direct 6.0M vs Comcast Xfinity High Speed Internet

Service Download Upload Price Bandwitdh
AT&T 6.0 Mbps 512 Kbps $24.95 150 GB
Comcast 12.0 Mbps 1.0 Mbps $45.95 250 GB

You can see the numbers for the battle between AT&T fast access DSL vs Comcast Xfinity High Speed Internet. It is obvious that the Comcast product is faster and more expensive than the AT&T product. In this article I am comparing the product that both companies are using to compete with each other.

The Numbers For AT&T DSL vs Comcast Xfinity ExplainedAT&T DSL vs Comcast Xfinity

So what do these numbers mean in the real world and how do they affect you? If you are not an Internet power user, you will not need Comcast. A power user is someone that uploads and downloads a lot of content like music, videos and applications. A casual user is someon who checks emails, pays bills and watches a few youtube videos. Power users use online gaming sites, videos sites heavily, like Hulu, and Netflixs.

The Battle Of The Bandwitdh Between AT&T DSL vs Comcast Xfinity Revealed

As far as the bandwitdh that you are allowed by both services it should be enough for both the casual and power user. AT&T does charge $10 per 5 GB over the limit but that is not bad because if by any chance you do go over the most it can cost you is the price you would pay for the Comcast data cap.

I have both services hooked up in my home or their own respected routers and modems via WIFI. My connection is wireless N. I am going to run a few speed test to see how they perform.

AT&T DSL vs Comcast Xfinity Which One Is Best For You

AT&T DSL vs Comcast Xfinity 2So in my speed test AT&T ranked 5.78 Mbps down and .42 Mbps up then Comcast with speed boost ranked 17.98 Mbps down and 4.12 Mbps up. So what does that mean to you. Well I downloads a 71 meg file from from AT&T at 650 kb/sec in 2 minutes and on Comcast at 1.7 MB/sec in 1 minute and 5 seconds. So in the real world both will perform close to equal for your normal Internet usage, its not until you start to deal with big file transfer that you will see the difference.

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